Monday, January 25, 2016

One day Trip to Sekinchan 适耕庄一日游

It was a beautiful Saturday, baby blue sky, white cotton clouds...
A journey all the way to Northwest of Peninsular Malaysia,
on the 9th day of 2016.


1. Pasir Penambang Coconut Shake

Randomly saw a signage on the roadside saying "Pasir Penambang Coconut Shake",
 I told Smarty Pants "I WANT THAT"!
Made a u-turn in about 200 metres to the food court on our right (opposite road)

Kakak preparing cups of coconut shake
in every cup of coconut shake, there is one small scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Took this picture for my ex-roommate, because I know how much she loves coconut.
One of the ways I use to lure her to come to Malaysia. 
(Bobo, hope you are reading this).

I'm holding the medium cup.

RM2.00 - small cup
RM3.00 - medium cup
RM5.00 - large cup

Thirst-quenching coconut shake at Gudang Food Court
Guys, this is a MUST TRY. I don't usually say this, but right after I finish it, I want another one right away...and am still missing it now while blogging about this. 

 Literally slurp up the whole thing by myself 

2. Sekinchan Paddy Field 

Another 20 minutes ride...sight of paddy field! 
But one thing, they all looked dry and brown... 
I looked at Smarty Pants and asked "I think we came at the wrong time".
He replied: "did we?"

Smarty Pants thinks he knows everything... Biotech student huh? lol

3. Kilang Beras Rakyat Sekinchan 适耕莊人民碾米厂有限公司

Located in the midst of the paddy fields
Paddy museum available at RM5.00/pax, but we skipped it.

And we still get to look at the "paddy"....

...From this machine, lol

Better than nothing huh....
This machine is used to plant pots of paddy onto the field.

Random shot in the stall located next to the factory, overseeing the "brown" paddy field.

RM7.00 tiger beer from the stall.

"Shamefully" walk way when I found out Smarty Pants has the same weight as me.
PS: not supposed to walk along this truck scales, but I only noticed after...
So can't blame me :p

Spotted sunflowers!

definitely can't cover my excitement for the pretty ones

4. Mango King 华仔芒果园

Asked uncle to help us choose some nice one

The awkward moment...

Four huge mangoes for RM35.00

Yay! found something that is bigger than my face

Not for sale. Owner's chicken 

and noisy geese

Nangka, aka jackfruit

5. 南天宫/九王爷庙

Randomly stumbled upon this eye-catching temple

Red + Yellow = so chinese LOL


Key takeaway from this place 
"Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past"

6. Farm Ville Cafe & Homestay

Thought we can sip some coffee here, but the cafe is not open.

Perhaps rent a place...or a bike?

Behind the scene, lol.


7. Pantai Redang Sekinchan (Sekinchan Beach)

Little hut on the tree, by the cozy!

so tempted to take a nap here.

Lots of little huts on the trees

Before- what a peaceful view

After- what a disturbing view lol

Had a late lunch/early dinner here

stir fried lala (clams) with rice vermicelli - RM8.00 
very very tinny minnie clams- taste? So so.

BBQ Stingray - spicy with a hint of sourness -RM10.00
This is better.

Fried fish (4-6 pieces) - RM15.00
Goes super well with the sambal sauce.

Coconut - RM4.50

[Picture not available]
Heineken - RM8.50.

Total bill came out to be RM46.00

Had a stroll around
People fishing around the jetty even though is burning hot

Time to put the hat in good use

8. Coca-cola Souvenir Cabin

Souvenirs, handmade arts, yellow Sekinchan t-shirts available here.

9. Wishing Tree 许愿树

The famous tree, apparently it was shown in some Hong Kong TVB show.

Went in and pray
Gotten the red ribbon inside as well (donation is at own will)

Dreams do come true, if you believe in them.

Didn't know how to swing it, failed at first attempt.
At second attempt, it flew down and hang near the signage.
If you are aiming high, the easier way would be grabbing the ribbon in your hand and throw it up high and far, try not to swing it. (well, noobie like me swing it and it flew behind me, lol, great.)

This picture reminds me so much of those days....
When going back to parents' hometown would be the only time I get to see banana and palm trees alongside the road.

Found this map right outside of the restroom.
Now you may plan your trip better than us
and you're welcome :)

-The End-