Monday, June 29, 2015

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015

First time staying back for Summer in U to the S A. Summer here is always vibrant and this means a lot of events to attend!big smile2 smiley Roy found this event and so here we are at 2nd annual Chicago Food Truck Festival. (Been watching Guy Fieri <Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives> on Food Network, which makes me want to try out food trucks badly for some reason)
  • Location: 2400 S Dearborn St, Chicago IL 60616
  • Time: 12pm-7pm
  • Date: June 27, 2015 (Saturday)
This is a 2-day event and we chose to go on Saturday.

My first nom nom nom was this truck called the Caponies Express.

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_blackapple

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_arancini
Guess what's this?

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_arancini
It is Arancini: layer of breadcrumbs, with rice, ground beef, peas, mozzarella and marinara filling- $5
Well, it's my first time trying arancini and I would definitely try it again.

2nd choice of the day: Tamale Spaceship
Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_tamele spaceship
Because of the white truck, and the word spaceship.
[got to do with my recent movie watch: Interstellar. All these space, moon, gravity words are in the back of my mind.]
 No idea what to order, and seek suggestion from the man with the Mexico wrestling mask.

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_tamele spaceship
Yes, I do like spicy. And he gave me Urbano (green one) and Picturesque de Puerco. Two for $9.
Oh did I mention this is my first time trying Tamale? 

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_tamele spaceship
Urbano is roasted beef with Tomatillo-Arbol sauce
Picturesque de Puerco is Yucatecan style roasted pork with tomato habanero sauce and purple pickled onions
(No, I did not memorize the menu lol)
Wrapping is too thick for me. Urbano's roasted beef is too dry. I prefer Picturesque de Puerco's roasted pork and the spiciness coz mama I LOVE SPICY.

Hashtag CokeLounge giving out free coke. Ho Ho Ho
Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_coke lounge
When Hero meets Superstar and Better Half 

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_chitown
View of Chicago skyline from the south loop. 

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_dogs
Left pic- "oh daddy your leg smells sooooo good"
The one in the bag- too adorableeeeeeee

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_naked juice
unlimited Naked juice? YES PLEASE 
Still remember when I first knew about Naked juice back in 2012, I drink almost everyday for a good old 5 months! I miss those days.

I insist to get my tummy satisfy with some burger. This stall looks good to me:

3rd choice- Good Burger

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_good burger

The queue was so long, I was slowly roasting under the sun like these ribs and chicken. It was more than 30 minutes. Wonder where did I got my patience from. If they pay me, I would def help them. They got to move a little faster to retain their customers.

When it was finally my turn, I decided to have a combo jerk, rib tips, & fries - $15 instead of burger.

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_good burger
YESH, he's getting my combo

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_good burger_jerk ribs
FINALLY, showered them with BBQ & Buffalo sauce.

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_good burger_jerk ribs
A picture of me with my trophy.
Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_food coma_ribs
I like rib tips with a hint of fatty layer and juicy. Dry? A big no no.
Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_food coma_Jerk chicken
First jerk chicken in my life. LOL. Jerkily yummy
Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_blackapple

Photobombed Royston's pic lol...

Hate it when I have to queue up for food- especially those long lines. But we all know the feeling once we've gotten the food in our hands- awesomeness.

Roy gotten Lobster roll from Da Lobsta.
Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_lobster roll da lobster
Meat is cold, bread is crisp, combination of both= Perfecto!
Would like to have a roll now.

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_chitown_coke
Meet KK the model for Coke

Chicago Food Truck Festival 2015_friends
Meet Superstar & Better Half.
Chicago Food Truck Fest has improved from last year with added features as according to what they say. Still think there are space for improvement in the selections. All I can remember was cupcake trucks and trucks, burgers, tacos, hotdog, and a few selection of korean/chinese food. Was thinking if Malaysia has a food truck fest, it would be food from all over the world, you name it, I'm sure they would have it. Just saying.


Time to rehydrate. Just 10 minutes walk from food truck fest to Chinatown's Kung Fu Tea, the only bubble tea shop that has the closest taste to Chatime I could find. Had their bubble tea twice, the first time I got hook up. The second time was a huge disappointment, the pearls weren't as fresh. They should maintain the standard. meh.

Chinatown Chicago Kungfu Tea_Macha red bean slush
Ice blended Macha + red bean with 30% sweetness = DIABETES.
Lesson learned, going for 0% next time

chitown shadows shoes

Next stop: Greek Festival at Gold Coast.

Chicago Greek Festival 2015

I was having meat comma and couldn't fit anything down into my tum tum, hence didn't buy anything and went strolling in downtown Chicago. 

Chicago downtown_Grand redline
Familiar place. Been here countless times. Love the skyscrapers, and the Moon.

Chicago Oak Street Beach_You know what you should do_wings_freedom_Jeff Zimmerman
One of the Murals "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD DO" along this wall by Jeff Zimmerman
If you have not checked them out, please do. It is located at the beginning of the tunnel at Oak Street Beach.
Chicago Oak Street Beach_shadows
When the men busy exchanging thoughts, the lady was busy selfie, wefie, photographie.


  1. Mouthwatering food!! I am sure you guys had a lot of fun in this food fest. Being a foodie I also never miss any chance of attending food events, either they are at the event rooms for rent or any street food fests.

  2. Oh, nice! Food truck festivals are always a blast, mainly because of the various unpredictable and very tasty meals that some of them would just end up bringing in the area. Just like that Arancinis that’s made up of ground beef, marinara, mozzarella, etc., balled up with rice inside breadcrumbs. If that isn't particularly earth-shaking, then I don't know what is. And they're available for purchase there, just like that. It's exotic stuff like this that make these kinds of festivals shine.

    Vivian Wolfe @ Jerry's Kitchen

  3. but who's it gonna be? The Spice Girls are wondering about their price point since they are having people walk away after asking the price. Food Truck

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